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Last of summer’s blossoms ~ Emma & Derek

September is that time of year when we are greeted with crisp air and mornings wrapped in cosier clothes.  We still have a scattering of warm days but we know they are fleeting.  The threat of frost on local flower fields are a constant concern but the beauty that fills the rows makes it worth the worry.  As each season turns, I vow the new sprouting season is my absolute favourite.  My love of late summer and early fall weddings are steeped in my love of textures and big romatic garden dahlias.

Lucky for me, Emma felt the same way.  Her bouquets were bursting with all of the best parts of the season. Created with lovely earth tones, blushes and frosted greens (to hint at what’s to come) with an abundance of textures, lush dahlias and adorned with succulents.

IMG_2679 IMG_2678


IMG_2682 IMG_2683 IMG_2692 IMG_2685 IMG_2691 IMG_2690


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