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Happy Mother’s Day!

During my time doing design work in Boston, my favourite flower holiday was Mother’s Day.  The sight of people bustling about the city streets with armloads of flowers to celebrate and give thanks to mom, mother, mummy or momma.


These days I am reminded of the first blossom that was presented to me.  A sunny dandelion of course; which was given by small, muddy fingers with such pride from an innocent, open heart that only a child has.  I took special care to place it in a vase on the kitchen table so we could admire it and see how it closed and opened as the days went by. A simple thank you was given without knowing how impactful the gesture was.  What a lesson on how all gifts should be given and received!

Mother's Day 2013

As a mother, this day brings dual meaning – to celebrate and to be celebrated.  I often think about how we mark this day with my mother and how those memories have etched themselves into my life’s path.  When I was little, Mother’s Day often found my family mingling about our local greenhouse looking for the largest hanging Fushia in hopes of  enticing humming birds to visit my mother’s backyard garden.  Some years found us carting home apples trees, various varieties of peonies, rose bushes and  fanciful passion flower vines.  All to be fussed over and pampered by my mother’s hands; as if she needed more things to tend to.  Unknowingly she sowed the seeds for the love of flowers in both of her girls and it is certainly something to be grateful for.

Mother's Day



Gatherings would like to wish all awe inspiring moms a happy Mother’s Day!

IMG_0819  IMG_0817


Please contact us by phone, email or through our website. We look forward to talking to you about your inspired event.


Flower design and photography by Marcella Ryan


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