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Breaking Ground

plowing the fields

This week brought the excitement of tractors pulling plows through the fields.  It seems our Island is waking up to spring and stretching its arms in a collective sigh of relief that we made it through another winter.  But rarely is there time to sit and contemplate; there are fields to be turned over and cultivated for this years crops and flower beds, seeds and tender bulbs prepared for the final frost to whisper his last goodbye.  Every morning as we make our way to daycare, my 3 year old son says the same thing as we pass tractors ambling along the highway. “We are all waiting for the last frost.  You can’t plant flowers until the last frost, mom” And this is sage advice from my little farmhand.  And so we wait patiently but plan and prepare in the meantime.


I have so many brides enchanted by dahlias that I thought a dahlia garden was in order.  There are so many types of dahlias from the single petalled varieties to the richly romantic dinner plate dahlias.  I can see this turning into a new obsession.  This year we are planting the pink and white verigated candy club and sultry dark timmo.


This year we are starting a new zinnia garden as well.  I think our biggest challenge with these fun loving flowers is to keep little hands from constantly picking them.  My absolute favourite Zinnia is Envy and it may be hard to keep my own fingers from picking this green charmer when it starts to fill the garden.


There is nothing very difficult about growing these humble flowers.  They need only the basics in terms of care.  But when they are tucked into a lavish bouquet dripping with textures such as raspberry, scented geranium, lady’s mantle and oregano, they become stunningly romantic, infinitely charming and utterly vintage.

Please contact us by phone, email or through our website.  We look forward to talking to you about your inspired event.



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  1. Love your blog Marcella! Ill have to get some dahlia and zinnia growing tips!


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