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Local, Seasonal, Sustainable ~ The Green Wedding

With the lush farmland that surrounds us here in Prince Edward Island and the capable, knowledgeable farmers to produce bountiful, robust blooms; the choice to “go green” when choosing wedding flowers can be an easy one.  Not only is there an abundance of varieties that can be artfully designed to suit any style, the cost and carbon footprint of locally grown flowers are low.  At Gatherings, we strive to use local product whenever possible.


There are so many wonderful reasons to purchase flowers that are in season.  The price is at its lowest, the flowers are fresher, stronger and have more vitality, and the fragrance cannot be compared to their off season counterparts.  But, from a purely romantic point of view,  in season flowers symbolize the time of year you have chosen to wed the one you love.   At Gatherings, we love the changing seasons; saying goodbye to a tried and true favourite just in time to fall in love all over again with the new seasons offerings.

Supporting local flower growers is good for everyone.  Supporting fair pricing and money that goes back into our Island and Maritime economy is how Gatherings endeavors to be socially responsible.  There is nothing more lovely!

Please contact us by email, phone or through our website.  We look forward to talking to you about your inspired event.


Photography by Marcella Ryan


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