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The Ever Romantic Ranunculus

One of my perennial favourites is the multi petal, stunningly romantic ranunculus.  Even though the day for expressing our love has come and gone, this little darling of the garden keeps romance in the air. From the smallest fragile pinkish green varieties to the fleshy, bold double petal varieties; they are all breathtakingly enchanting.

Ranuculas 1

Ranunculus is a flower that slowly reveals itself as it matures (much like an enduring relationship). Starting as a dainty globe of petals and transforming into a ruffled, voluptuous head of paper-thin petals adorned by a silky center; Classically beautiful, understated and quintessentially feminine.

ranuculas 2

So, I figure it is time to start growing these lovelies on the farm.  February is the perfect month to start thinking about breaking ground; planning and preparing for the upcoming summer garden is what gets most of us through the blustery winters.  Ranunculus, scented geranium, oregano, mint and foxglove are all on my list this year.  I cannot wait to tuck these sweethearts into this years bridal bouquets and spread the love!

ranuculas 3

Please contact us by email, phone or through our website.  We look forward to talking to you about your inspired event.


Photography by Chelsea MacRae


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